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Trends, Achievements, and Competencies

It’s all about other people: it is, really.

It seems most every week opportunities to develop advanced interpersonal skills are offered; taking such opportunities helps me to become more compassionate, appreciative, and empathetic to those persons with whom … Continue reading

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Working with the IL Framework, Knowledge Practices, and Dispositions

We’ve been working with a set of standards, each of which have specific and measurable competencies demonstrable as performance outcomes, for over 15 years.  Academic librarians have crafted library instructional … Continue reading

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Time flies . . . when

Is the idiom, “time flies when you’re having fun”? The summer has slipped by, happily and filled with days spent among family and friends. However, it was not without snippets … Continue reading

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April. . . nearly there

April showers bring May flowers. Remember that little ditty? As a wee squib, I recall my mother and grandmother liltingly delivering that charming limerick as we trod through rains, splashing … Continue reading

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Collaborating for a robust collection!

Collection development is one of the core responsibilities of academic librarians. Academic librarians follow specific processes and policies developed to best respond to service levels, institutional needs and strategic plans, … Continue reading

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What’s integration got to do with it?

Everything.  Absolutely everything. I am fortunate to work with future-facing, student-experience-centered faculty who identified at the very outset of our collaboration that the expertise I would bring to their courses … Continue reading

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Pilot Project takes Flight

Last year I wrote a post about my excitement to develop an information literacy pilot study for the small comprehensive university where I was installed as branch librarian. In that post I … Continue reading

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