On Being a Librarian

Trends, Achievements, and Perspectives

Transformational Thinking

The pandemic forces the adoption of new and, at times, innovative ways of working.  Roles are reimagined from task-specific and metered to functional and project-based accountabilities.  The pandemic presents an … Continue reading

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Preparing to Leave | Reflecting on Arrival

When I joined this public library taking an 18-month contract, I was cognizant of being the new-staff, a perceived placeholder, a transient staff member. With that comes some lumpy integration … Continue reading

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Continued Research for Understanding

It’s a little over 200 days since this pandemic disrupted our world. Professional librarians the world over pivoted deftly to support their communities and each other. How are you keeping … Continue reading

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Agility & Work Culture

In this first decade of my professional librarian career, I’ve learned the value and importance of adopting and embracing an attitude of “agility.”For me, agility is my ability to renew … Continue reading

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Transliteracy Update

My interest in transliteracy began at the very outset of my studies at Western University in London Ontario in 2009.  I identified that technology, social-economics, social media, cultural awareness, and … Continue reading

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Getting Current!

When working at academic libraries which have membership to professional associations and sites, I find resources and connections at my finger tips. Recently, EDUCAUSE published the 2018 Horizon Report.  The … Continue reading

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Empowering Work Groups

I may have leadership skills and be in leadership roles; however, I do not perceive myself as a leader. Not entirely. I believe I position myself so that others are … Continue reading

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Difficult Conversations

I suspect everyone experiences awkwardness or discomfort or even fear during some conversations whether with a spouse, child, parent, colleague, employer, or neighbour. I recall decades of my life avoiding … Continue reading

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Active Listening

We read and learn about various leadership and communication skills.  Active listening is referred to frequently; however, actual strategies to build a sustainable practice seem to elude most people. In … Continue reading

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Marketing & Promoting & Outreach

Robust, relevant, and responsive outreach programs developed and delivered within academic libraries aim to engage and support learners, non-users, the under-served, persons with special needs, and targeted groups. The library community … Continue reading

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