On Being a Librarian

Trends, Achievements, and Perspectives


I attended the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) conference recently and came away buoyed by the encouragement and support shared by so many knowledgeable and accomplished colleagues.

I am reassured that my attitudes toward literacy, instruction strategies and methods, and use of emerging technologies are progressive and aligned with others in our profession.


One presentation resonated for me. Sophie Bury, York University, delivered results from her study Faculty Voices on Information Literacy: Interview-Based Research Exploring Information Literacy Instruction Practices, Attitudes, and Perceptions among University Faculty.

Some of her findings to the question regarding what faculty think about appropriate roles & information literacy instruction.

Information literacy instruction should be a collaborative endeavour between librarians and faculty:

78.7% – faculty and librarians together
10% – librarians only
7.1% – faculty only
4.3% – either faculty or librarians

I am encouraged by her findings that 75% of faculty surveyed believe that librarians and faculty should work together delivering information literacy instruction.

For more information, see her PowerPoint presentation and audio here.

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