On Being a Librarian

Trends, Achievements, and Perspectives

Thing 9: Evernote

I am overwhelmed with the power and potential of this online tool –  Evernote.

Yes, I can capture anything.

Yes, I can access it from anywhere.

Yes, I can search through various formats.

Yes, it is free.

I can create simple text notes, save snapshots, clip web pages, and in a few places take audio notes. The sudio feature seems to work very well on my BlackBerry.   I can search for images according to the text contained in that image.   This software offers  different ways to categorize information:

  • tags
  • note titles
  • notebooks

I found the wee little web clipper feature intuitive and reliable.  Instead of bookmarking a webpage, the web clipper  saves the HTML as a note with a click of a button.  Terrifically easy.

The big deal with Evernote is the ability to access it from any computer that has internet access.  I don’t need to carry around the new 21st century tote  – a USB key, nor my laptop or Playbook, nor an iPad.

I’ve not truly invested myself with this online software yet and am intent on further exploration.

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