On Being a Librarian

Trends, Achievements, and Perspectives

Thing 21: Self-Promoting

23 Things for Professional Development is a challenging program. How? It challenges you to be creative, sharply introspective, and determined.

This week required some candid self-assessment. Aligning personal interests and activities to those in our professional life seems to be a recipe for happiness. The closer the alignment, the giddier you might find yourself.

A much reduced and abbreviated inventory of my activities and interests might look like this:

Body Mind Spirit
Walking Reading Laughing
Cycling Meditating Sharing
Hiking Creating Giving
Yoga Questioning Community

How are these relevant to professional development in the context of job applications and interviews? It took me a while to articulate the connections and I suspect I won’t be able to do my thoughts justice even here in this blog.

I can identify several qualities that I leverage and apply to my profession. Curiosity reigns when I am researching a topic or helping a user find the information he or she needs. I possess honed spatial acuity and am able to orient to spaces and fit items into a space aesthetically making the best use of both space and items. I am generous to a fault often giving to others yet skimping for myself. As an introvert withdrawing to my personal sanctuary, removing myself from exposure to others, it may seem odd that I value community. I am aware that without community the creation of new knowledge is limited. The vitality of our life is pinched without a connection to others.

Librarianship is a great fit for me.

I hang my head in shame and shudder recalling the many interview calamities I have experienced. Eeek. I blush hotly recalling such gaffes and blunders.

Exercising a reflective practice has been rewarding and I might venture to suggest essential for moving through the processes required to get a job in this profession. My reflective practice has become so ingrained that it is at times almost simultaneous to the event or circumstance I am experiencing. In one interview, I slowly became aware I was sabotaging my success, responding vaguely to questions, over-talking, being imprecise, and repeating myself though not for clarity. Upon further reflection I found I really did not want that position even though I had been invested in the institution for some time. Currying and exploring this revelation further, I identified many aspects of the position that were counter to my career goals and ill-fitting with my skill set.

I update my ePortfolio frequently; take a look.

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