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Thing 23: Reflection on Program

Bobbi Newman. My success in this program rests with a woman whom I have never met. I have heard her voice on pod-casts. I have seen her deliver presentations and participate on conference panels by live online sessions. Following and reading her blogs has informed my burgeoning interests in this profession and helped me to think critically about literacy in the context of libraries. Bobbi Newman is the author of two blogs:

I am on a team writing a proposal with hopes of hosting WILU 2013 and I think it would be a coup if Bobbi would agree to be our keynote speaker and present at a few sessions.

Wrapping up 23 Things for Professional Development has not been easy.

I have spent some time reflecting on my experience. This has proven to be a taxing, rewarding, puzzling, and tiresome program.

Taxing to stay focused, on-point, and committed to the program.

Rewarding to discover new tools to use for instruction and learning sessions, great online tools to help organize, share, and create pools of information, and my untapped well of creativity.

Puzzling when inquiring about and reflecting upon how this program might benefit me, others, and the place where I work.  How to market the program to administration for support?  How best to excite colleagues to participate? How would this professional development program get written into the library’s strategic plan for training?

Tiresome moments occurred when I simply could not synthesize any more information.

Yet, here I am at the end of the program and wearing a silly grin that comes at a happy ending.  I am working on compiling these 23 Things for Professional Development in the ZOHO book.  I can say unabashedly that the book is amateurish, unrefined, and incomplete.  But I am determined to continue to work on it learning more about the online program and taking the opportunity to reflect upon the program.

It’s all been good.

Here is a ZOHO book . . . I am not finished yet but please take a look and come back on occasion to see how I have managed to suss it up.

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