On Being a Librarian

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LDLP Fourth Day

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Library Day in the Life Project

8:30 AM

Rodney Yee guides me ever so gently through sun salutations and foundation builders.

11:00 AM

Settling into Handheld Librarian VI Online Conference  with a ginger, mango, cilantro, yogurt, hemp protein smoothie and espresso chaser.  I am participating in the session, “Empowering Your E-readers: Teaching Your Readers to Access Content”.

2:00 PM

 Peterson Creek presents nooks and crannies, a waterfall, and wonderful steep trails for Kona and I to bound along.  My panting and wheezing seems so loud as I stride up some of these trails  – embarrassing.  A tree adorned with Christmas decoration still holds some of those treasures. This is a photo of the wee scrawny and much loved tree just after Christmas 2011.

8:00 PM

Today seemed to blow by too quickly.  I returned home from Peterson Creek at 5:30 rather peckish. Soon a cacophony of clanging pans rang out from my kitchen.  I lovingly created a gastronomical delight.  I have followed Beatrice Peltre’s blog for a while now and found a Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe.  Oh, the earthy, savoury aroma filling my kitchen sent me back to love-filled evenings at my grandmother’s country kitchen where a permanent scent of apples filled every breath and she schooled her grandchildren in the art of peeling and paring apples and vegetables.  I complemented roasted vegetables with the tang of chia seeds and apple . . . .mmmmmm.

2:10 AM

Sleep often skips past me and this night is no exception.  Kona snores rhythmically by my side as I read The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt.


 My friend Ron Stadnik is a book’s best friend, a true book man, an eclectic book man.  He has worked in the industry for over 20 years developing print book lists for libraries across Canada.  His online “Ron’s Picks” is the first place I go when looking for new reads.  The man has to be the best book selection expert in the country.  His Best Seller Lists are sought after by some of the largest public libraries in our country and he feels the pulse of book publishing internationally.  Unfortunately you must be one of Library Bound’s clients to access the list. Follow him on Twitter @LibraryBoundInc

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