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LDLP – Second Day

Tuesday January 31st, 2012

Library Day in the Life Project

7:00 AM

While today is scheduled as one of my days off paid work, I continue to work.  Paid professional development opportunities for 20-hours-per-week sessional faculty positions are zero.  Therefore I evaluate and engage in relevant online workshops, conferences, and courses that scaffold upon past training, are cost-effective (free where being a  member of a professional association makes it possible), and are delivered within tight timelines.

It is within this framework that I enrolled in Handheld Librarian VI which launches tomorrow. As I take my dog for a 10 km run (shuffle), I give some thought to how I will best prepare for this conference when I am to work at Thompson Rivers University at the same time.

9:30 AM

Continuing with my interest in transliteracy and librarianship, I perform a brief literature search to find materials I might not have already read. I find an informative and well-designed Prezi by Dr. Susie Andretta, a senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University. She is an avid blogger, too!

11:00 AM

Must run trails.  Must run Kona on trails. Must bike with Kona on trails.  Biking wins out!  It is nearly 10 degrees Celsius today and the trails are clear though tacky in places.  I ride my Queen Beatrix, panting and wheezing like a ratty and worn accordion.  Kona is ridiculously happy to be going fast fast fast!

3:00 PM

Yoga . . .oooooommmm.  For many years I have erratically practiced yoga.  Though I am a certified instructor, I rarely teach.  My practice is personal and private though I share my space with my dog who tries to help me with the occasional cobra and downward facing dog pose.  I follow Yoga Journal online and enjoy changing up my practice with short sessions as those posted through the online video portal. Focusing on Shannon Paige Schneider’s soothing voice while in Padangusthasana is comforting.

Rodney Yee and Seane Corn join me weekly for sessions via DVD.  I am a student of Kathryn Budig and would really like an opportunity to practice with her at her studio.

7:00 PM

My constitution is Vata Dosha yet I fail to eat a balanced diet.  Kona and I walk through eerily shadowy and still streets of Kamloops in hopes of bringing balance to my day and my Dahl filled belly.    

2:30 AM

I find myself near the top of a crest in Valleyview Nature Park not far from my house but approximately 400 feet  above the neighbourhood.  Stars wink seductively at me. Darkened tree skeletons seem to leer at me, feigning to grab my backsack as I walk by.  Kona roused me from my down-duvet cocoon in wrenching distress of a gut ache so we are out with fairies and goblins intent on calming her discomfort. Not a light in view from homes below but a line is drawn through the dark where street lamps point into the distance.  If not for my overly active imagination, I could stand here awash in bliss for a long while.  I crane to hear my pillow calling me back so I can dream on.

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