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LDLP Third Day

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Library Day in the Life Project

4:00 AM

Shallow breathing wakens me so slowly it seems I am pulled through muffin batter.  It is Kona who has moved to join me on a pillow.  Reaching for my journal, I start my reflective practice based on the model first outlined in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  I was introduced to this practice nearly 20 years ago by my close friend Leah Valian shortly after we met while taking Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies at St. Jerome’s College, University of Waterloo. 

There are a few basic concepts I embrace as a result of following this practice.  I believe that:

  • Creativity naturally orders life.
  • It can be difficult to identify, accept and cultivate our creativity.  
  • At the point of accepting our natural creativity, powerful changes can be expected.
  • Creativity can be unruly and unpredictable and it takes effort to create a safe space in which we can be creative.
  • Creativity is often aligned with divinity, flowing toward the Divine.

 Reflective journaling has long been a professional practice for many.  The Artist’s Way follows specific steps to create a sense of:

  • Safety
  • Identity
  • Power
  • Integrity
  • Possibility
  • Abundance
  • Connection
  • Strength
  • Compassion
  • Self-Protection
  • Autonomy
  • Faith

I spend a couple of hours writing “morning pages”.

6:30 AM

I have signed on to the Handheld Librarian VI Online Conference.  I am in time for Roving References: Services in New Spaces with Mobile Devices.  I am interested in this session primarily because our library’s new space on campus is experiencing a few problematic areas of service delivery.  We have a small reference desk located beside an open computer lab but the collection in that building is on the third floor.  The resulting disconnect between point of need and point of service is obvious.  Opening professional conversations is imperative to finding appropriate solutions.  A literature search reveals many variations of roving reference.  I support this practice concept and encourage a pilot of this service at our university library.

9:00 AM

Michael Stephens presents an engaging talk about emerging social network opportunities for libraries.  I hope the presentation will be loaded online soon . . . I missed a few minutes!

10:45 AM

Rushing to get out the door, Kona to daycare, and be at my desk ready to work by 11:30 AM!

1:00 PM

I am online ready to answer any question through our Meebo service.  It is seldom used and I still get excited to see the notifier blink. Last term I worked 13.5 hours on Wednesdays and this term am here only 9.5 hours.  I start today with an hour of Meebo followed immediately by an hour of AskAway BC.  After a 30-minute break, in which I read and respond to email, I move down to the reference desk for my shift which ends at 9:00 PM.  While on the desk I get a wild array of questions: “How do I print?”, “Where can I get coffee at this hour?”, “Where do I find this?” (while brandishing a crumbled piece of paper with a nearly illegible call number scratched out in fading pencil), “Can you help me find information about derived equations for expressing intervals as functions or relative frequencies?” ( I thank Khan Academy), and “I’m studying gambling and wonder if you can help me calculate chance?” (I thank WolframAlpha).

9:00 PM

Four lingering students slowly, ever so slowly, pack up to leave the already closed library.

9:20 PM

Kona is totally tuckered from a long day playing tug o’war and other games at K9 Designz, Doggy’s Only Daycare.

3:30 AM

Yeah!  I finished watching several presentations from today’s conference including:

Ok, I also watched The Hour on Netflix.  Brilliant!

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