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Library Day in the Life Project (LDLP) February 2012

Bobbi Newman is heralded as an innovator of library services, librarian perspectives and concepts, challenging hitherto held notions of librarianship. There is every indication she has earned such a standing.  She launched a semi-annual event, Library Day in the Life Project, in July of 2008 where anyone who works in a library can participate to share snippets or broad details of his or her library workday or work week.  The underpinning is the library movement toward the idea and practice of transliteracy, the developing of cross-competencies across various social media platforms, traditional formats and delivery mechanisms, with library workers sharing their experiences on their personal blogs, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media platform they use regularly or try for the first time.

I started participating in 2010 however kept my writing to myself.  Shyness and a blisteringly reserved nature continue to inform my level of participation but have not governed my unbridled interest in and drive to explore new social media platforms and uses of technology in the context of an overall library environment.

This year, the LDLP project started January 30th continuing to February 5th. I made journal entries based on my reflective practice in an oddly Margaret Laurence-esque stream-of-consciousness style.  It’s taken a tad longer than I expected to pare and parse those fluid notes into a readable structure. 

The next few entries on this blog will be noted on my LDLP experience.

My week at a glance . . .

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