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Twitter: Instructional and Professional Resource Tool

Twitter is a social networking tool that allows people to share information, in a real-time feed, to other individuals, and in an education or training context, represents a powerful way for instructors to publicize research, communicate with their students, be connected with a wider learning or scholarly community, or share posts for “followers” to resources, publications, and news items.

Not many of my colleagues consider Twitter an instructional tool and fewer have explored its uses in extending teaching and learning beyond the classroom and engaging students. I have found Twitter to be a relevant instructional tool engaging students in content and discovery, and creating a vital back channel conversation. I wrote an earlier post about library instruction with Twitter which garnered much interest among my colleagues and peers.

I was honoured to present Twitter as a professional resource and instructional tool at Thompson Rivers University for a program called Tech Tuesday sponsored by the Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation.  These weekly sessions are well attended by faculty from across campus eager to share ideas and learn new approaches to using technology in teaching and learning.

Following the session I was encouraged by the level of interest and discussion around using Twitter in the context of teaching and learning.  I have been invited by several faculty members to collaborate on integrating Twitter  into their instructional tool kit.

For presentation details:  Twitter: Instructional and Professional Resource Tool, TRU, 2012

Session Follow-up: twitter-faculty-handout

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