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Course Managment Systems & Librarians

More than two decades ago articles reviewing, posturing, and exploring the potential when course or learning management systems (CMS or LMS) intersect with library work began appearing in library literature and associated education journals and magazines.

By Oliveinternational – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39988021

In 2002, Educause published the article, “Course-Management Software? Where’s the Library“, in which author David Cohen unpacks burgeoning integration models while promoting cross-campus conversations exploring the developing phenomena of online education platforms and opportunities.

Articles in the following years revealed how researchers and librarians apply energies and resources further exploring and studying how course management or learning management systems enhance library instruction and support learners across subject areas online and face-to-face:  ” Course Management Systems: Overview and Implications for Libraries.

As Springshare’s Libguide suite of apps and platforms gained influence and power, librarians innovatively developed strategies embedding guides within online course systems: Embedded Library Guides in Learning Management Systems Help Students Get Started on Research Assignments.

Mr. Library Dude posted to his blog steps and strategies librarians might adopt when building the relationship with faculty and specifically on how to initiate the conversation.

In the mid 2010’s embedded librarianship embraced learning management systems “combining “librarians’ professional talents with technology and instructional support that is essential to students and faculty.”

In 2015, Meredith Gorran Farkas, a highly respected voice in librarianship, wrote an article detailing applications, values, barriers, and future integration possibilities for learning management systems for libaries.

Cyndi Landis, University of Denver, wrote a chapter for Pressbooks titled “Librarians in Learning Management Systems: Strategies and Suggestions”  discussing strategies for taking integration in course management systems from the macro-level and generic library resource tool to designing in collaboration with faculty standalone, customizable modules using an a-la-carte style where librarians create a suite of short videos or quizzes and other learning tools preparing a menu from which faculty selects content for their courses.

Take a moment to access your library’s databases searching for articles (there are thousands of authoritative and relevant studies and research published).  Participate in conferences where workshops offer hand-on opportunities to try strategies.

Developing competencies in this area takes time and discipline with a huge dollop of commitment.  The challenges I experience are in the context of  balancing efforts to build competencies across skills areas with focusing on developing skills directly related to current job requirements.

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