On Being a Librarian

Trends, Achievements, and Perspectives

Empowering Work Groups

I may have leadership skills and be in leadership roles; however, I do not perceive myself as a leader. Not entirely.

I believe I position myself so that others are successful, so others achieve their very best. So I am not out front, leading.  I am beside or behind, supporting, coaching, and cheering people on as they succeed, learn, and meet goals.

This practice I continue to develop is grounded in trust.  I trust myself to be consistent, empathetic, consideration, compassionate and knowledgeable. I trust that staff know their roles and scope of work and the tasks necessary to get the work done. I don’t need to ask them what they are doing nor tell them how to do their work.

I do need to know how roles align with overarching institutional structures and strategic plans. I do need to understand challenges that come with technology changes and distribution.

Fostering an environment of trust can be tricky.  I believe that modeling creative, agile, and respectful behaviour are aspects of leadership that cannot be forced but demonstrated naturally, confidently. Trust is established when I show some vulnerability and accept other’s vulnerability without judgment.

It is ongoing.

I continue to hone my skills. I continue to learn.


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