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Trends, Achievements, and Perspectives

Getting Current!

When working at academic libraries which have membership to professional associations and sites, I find resources and connections at my finger tips.

Recently, EDUCAUSE published the 2018 Horizon Report. 

The content of the report helps inform education policies, IT practices, demographic data, trends in education technology, and many other current topics that help inform how and upon what information we make decisions not only in our individual work but that of our work groups and institutions.

On the EDUCAUSE REVIEW page, highlights of the review are critically and expertly parsed. I enjoy reading that section and today was thrilled to read this line: “we continue the important work of anticipating trends at the intersection of technology and teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. ”

Creative inquiry.

Yes, that caught my attention.

Many libraries are starting to plan for transformation and future proofing change to systems, workflows, communication practices, and work cultures.  Creative inquiry is essential to that process, in my view.

Creative inquiry, in my practice, is the iterative process of exploring an idea.

Sometimes it’s starts with thinking about way to engage participants in a workshop.  The creative inquiry starts with that thought, moves onto reaching out to my community of practice, scanning current literature, testing one or two ideas, assessing and evaluating the outcomes against criteria such as knowledge acquisition, resources needed and used,  alignment with the Framework, and potential for collaboration with Faculty.

Creative inquiry brings together alternate forms of knowledge.  Not just results from studies or research.  It brings together inspiring innovation and experiences of others in the field creating new ways of behaving and overcoming limitations.

The President of the University of Victoria, in his welcoming address, spoke on the very topic of creative inquiry. He placed creative inquiry as one of four priorities for the university.

Tennessee Tech defines creative inquiry as  “The process of exploring issues, objects or works through the collection and analysis of evidence including combining or synthesizing existing ideas, products, or expertise in original ways to answer an open-ended question or achieve a desired goal.”  Student learning outcomes are grounded in this definition.

Creative inquiry can discover the unseen.  It is a tenet of transformational change.

I am excited to learn more about this aspect. It won’t be easy. It will be rewarding. I got this!


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