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Twitter: Successful for Information Literacy Instruction

As a social media platform, Twitter is extremely easy to use and quick to adopt. Users distribute short snippets of information in a dynamic stream that is accessed on a … Continue reading

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Developing Competencies

The ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee identified 10 trends popular in library literature, at conferences, and in academic libraries for the year 2012. Many of the identified trends resonate … Continue reading

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Twitter: Instructional and Professional Resource Tool

Twitter is a social networking tool that allows people to share information, in a real-time feed, to other individuals, and in an education or training context, represents a powerful way … Continue reading

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Library Instruction with Twitter

Twitter (twitter.com) has morphed from being an online social media platform used for a quick updating of one’s life events to a powerful and popular social networking tool having a … Continue reading

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LDLP – First Day

January 30th, 2012 Library Day in the Life Project 5:00 AM I rise happily as the sun splays its brightening fingers across the sky, reaching for the steep hill to my … Continue reading

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Thing 17: Presentations with some zoom, pop, whiz, and wow

Using Prezi can help you produce slick, high-quality, and engaging presentations useful for both in-person and electronic delivery. It can be the WOW factor you’ve been looking for to take … Continue reading

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Thing 14: Organizing references . . . the bane of my existence

Citing and organizing both small and large reference lists and bibliographies can be daunting. I first learned Endnote while completing the M.L.I.S. program at the University of Western (Newly rebranded … Continue reading

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I attended the Workshop for Instruction in Library Use (WILU) conference recently and came away buoyed by the encouragement and support shared by so many knowledgeable and accomplished colleagues. I … Continue reading

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