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Cultural Competency

A few years ago after a staff meeting where diversity, higher education communication, and delivering services held central to the discussion, a manager approached me and a colleague inquiring about … Continue reading

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Transliteracy Considered

Transliteracy is concerned with integrating, mapping, and evaluating informational meaning between and across different digital and print formats and media and NOT about developing literacies in various and individual digital and … Continue reading

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Thing 17: Presentations with some zoom, pop, whiz, and wow

Using Prezi can help you produce slick, high-quality, and engaging presentations useful for both in-person and electronic delivery. It can be the WOW factor you’ve been looking for to take … Continue reading

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LibGuide for faculty and instructors

While many are not aware of the term transliteracy, college teaching faculty and instructors unbeknownst to themselves incorporate transliteracy outcomes into their instructional goals.  I recently edited and added a large … Continue reading

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