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Thing 23: Reflection on Program

Bobbi Newman. My success in this program rests with a woman whom I have never met. I have heard her voice on pod-casts. I have seen her deliver presentations and … Continue reading

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Thing 22: Volunteering

Have I? On a small scale. Piffle really. I have volunteered to: • take a shift at a trade show supporting a library • hand out flyers highlighting new library … Continue reading

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Thing 21: Self-Promoting

23 Things for Professional Development is a challenging program. How? It challenges you to be creative, sharply introspective, and determined. This week required some candid self-assessment. Aligning personal interests and … Continue reading

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Thing 20: Path(s) Taken, Stumbles Along the Way

How did I get to librarianship? When I applied to the University of Western Ontario and the Master of Library and Information Science degree program, I did so out of … Continue reading

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Thing 19: Reflection on Integration

Taking part in this self-directed professional development program was motivated by several factors, including: • my personal determination to develop Library 2.0 / Web 2.0 skills • a keen self-awareness … Continue reading


Thing 18: Jing for Bling

Last winter I took an online course through ACRL’s eLearning program. This course, “Learning Objects: Creating Instruction To Go”, was challenging and engaging.   Admittedly it required tremendous focus, boundless creativity, … Continue reading

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Thing 17: Presentations with some zoom, pop, whiz, and wow

Using Prezi can help you produce slick, high-quality, and engaging presentations useful for both in-person and electronic delivery. It can be the WOW factor you’ve been looking for to take … Continue reading

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Thing 16: Talk about Your Library

We have the chance to talk about our libraries every day.  We can direct the neighbour to resources at the library when having one of those over-the-fence conversations about rose … Continue reading

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Thing 15: Get ye to a conference

Conferences, seminars, workshops abound. There are many conferences offered in any given year, such as: Canadian Library Association Special Libraries Association Super Conference: OLA British Columbia Library Association Alberta Library … Continue reading

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Thing 14: Organizing references . . . the bane of my existence

Citing and organizing both small and large reference lists and bibliographies can be daunting. I first learned Endnote while completing the M.L.I.S. program at the University of Western (Newly rebranded … Continue reading

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