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Thing 23: Reflection on Program

Bobbi Newman. My success in this program rests with a woman whom I have never met. I have heard her voice on pod-casts. I have seen her deliver presentations and … Continue reading

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Thing 22: Volunteering

Have I? On a small scale. Piffle really. I have volunteered to: • take a shift at a trade show supporting a library • hand out flyers highlighting new library … Continue reading

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Thing 21: Self-Promoting

23 Things for Professional Development is a challenging program. How? It challenges you to be creative, sharply introspective, and determined. This week required some candid self-assessment. Aligning personal interests and … Continue reading

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Thing 20: Path(s) Taken, Stumbles Along the Way

How did I get to librarianship? When I applied to the University of Western Ontario and the Master of Library and Information Science degree program, I did so out of … Continue reading

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Thing 19: Reflection on Integration

Taking part in this self-directed professional development program was motivated by several factors, including: • my personal determination to develop Library 2.0 / Web 2.0 skills • a keen self-awareness … Continue reading


Thing 18: Jing for Bling

Last winter I took an online course through ACRL’s eLearning program. This course, “Learning Objects: Creating Instruction To Go”, was challenging and engaging.   Admittedly it required tremendous focus, boundless creativity, … Continue reading

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Thing 17: Presentations with some zoom, pop, whiz, and wow

Using Prezi can help you produce slick, high-quality, and engaging presentations useful for both in-person and electronic delivery. It can be the WOW factor you’ve been looking for to take … Continue reading

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