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Thing 13: Google Docs and Wikis

Google Docs: Collaborating Instructing college and university students using engaging and active learning processes can be punctuated with the use of Google Docs. For a couple of years now I … Continue reading

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Thing 12: The social in social networking

Consider the role of social media in building up networks and developing a sense of community as a slow-cooker type of process. I collected and prepared some basic raw ideas … Continue reading

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Thing 10: Master’s Degree and Certifications

Another week in my adventures with 23 Things for Professional Development brings me to consider master’s degrees, certifications, and other designations that support my profession, add to my body of … Continue reading

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Thing 9: Evernote

I am overwhelmed with the power and potential of this online tool –  Evernote. Yes, I can capture anything. Yes, I can access it from anywhere. Yes, I can search through … Continue reading

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Thing 8: Google Calendar

Really?  Why would I want to use this calendar and any of its features?   I have notebooks and paper calendars where I write about upcoming events, things of interest, appointments, … Continue reading

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Things 6 & 7: Online and face-to-face networking

In my first few positions as a professional salesperson in the 1990s and early 2000s, refined networking skills were considered required competencies and I learned strategies from quality corporation-sponsored training … Continue reading

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Thing 5: Self-reflective practice

Years ago I was introduced to Morning Pages as I explored my art through The Artists Way .  Julia Cameron explains the process of writing Morning Pages as foundational to develop self-awareness … Continue reading

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Thing 4: Current awareness

Another week for 23 Things for Professional Development and I am a tad behind yet am confident to catch up soon. This is a terrifically valuable self-directed program where I am constantly … Continue reading

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Branding: 23 Things

A few months ago I began to consider how best to present an  ePortfolio, establish an image, and begin to promote myself within my profession. This week’s 23 Things for Professional … Continue reading

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