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PD: The What, When, Why, and How

Planning for and actively developing our professional skills and competencies is foundational to librarianship. Quarterly, I take stock of where I lack a skill and identify what strengths could be enhanced … Continue reading

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Rates of Plagiarism

Incidents of plagiarism at the college where I work are dropping. Really. It is true. True, at least, in the experience of several instructors. Over the past semester, I have facilitated … Continue reading

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It’s all about other people: it is, really.

Every week opportunities are offered to develop advanced interpersonal skills; taking such opportunities helps me to become more compassionate, appreciative, and empathetic to those persons with whom I work, live, … Continue reading

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Working with the IL Framework, Knowledge Practices, and Dispositions

We’ve been working with a set of standards, each of which has specific and measurable competencies demonstrable as performance outcomes, for over 15 years.  Academic librarians have crafted library instructional … Continue reading

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Collaborating for a robust collection!

Collection development is one of the core responsibilities of academic librarians. Academic librarians follow specific processes and policies developed to best respond to service levels, institutional needs and strategic plans, … Continue reading

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Developing Competencies

The ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee identified 10 trends popular in library literature, at conferences, and in academic libraries for the year 2012. Many of the identified trends resonate … Continue reading

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Poster for High Impact

Thompson Rivers University encourages professional development, offering many on-campus events on a wide range of topics. One annual event,  The Eighth Annual TRU Teaching Practices Colloquium held Monday, February 20, 2012, … Continue reading

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Thing 11: Mentorship is hip

Recently I have been interviewing for academic librarian positions.  These interviews are modeled on behaviour response inquiry primarily scenario based.  At the end of these interviews I am invariably given … Continue reading

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Branding: 23 Things

A few months ago I began to consider how best to present an  ePortfolio, establish an image, and begin to promote myself within my profession. This week’s 23 Things for Professional … Continue reading

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23 Things

This model of interactive, self-directed training is gaining momentum in libriaries, associations, and blogs. This past week I started 23 Things for Professional Development after reading about it from Bobbi … Continue reading

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