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Shifting Competencies

Web 2.0 has significantly altered how academic librarians develop collections, assist researchers, present findings, and engage and communicate with users. The scope of change is not quantifiable and is often … Continue reading

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Academic Libraries and Infographics

Presenting library services, instructional materials, information, data, or announcements in innovative formats catches the attention of users, improves information retention, and increases opportunities for libraries to engage their constituents. I … Continue reading

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Infographics & Information Literacy

Presenting information, data, or library instruction content, in appealing and innovative formats offers librarians opportunities to engage students and library users in services, resources, and instruction. An infographic is a visual representation … Continue reading

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Twitter: Successful for Information Literacy Instruction

As a social media platform, Twitter is extremely easy to use and quick to adopt. Users distribute short snippets of information in a dynamic stream that is accessed on a … Continue reading

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Transliteracy on My Mind

Defining transliteracy is important for those professionals who are driven to develop actions based on a prescript definition. However, defining transliteracy seems to be a slippery endeavour. Can you explain or … Continue reading

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Poster for High Impact

Thompson Rivers University encourages professional development, offering many on-campus events on a wide range of topics. One annual event,  The Eighth Annual TRU Teaching Practices Colloquium held Monday, February 20, 2012, … Continue reading

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LDLP – First Day

January 30th, 2012 Library Day in the Life Project 5:00 AM I rise happily as the sun splays its brightening fingers across the sky, reaching for the steep hill to my … Continue reading

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Transliteracy Considered

Transliteracy is concerned with integrating, mapping, and evaluating informational meaning between and across different digital and print formats and media and NOT about developing literacies in various and individual digital and … Continue reading

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Thing 13: Google Docs and Wikis

Google Docs: Collaborating Instructing college and university students using engaging and active learning processes can be punctuated with the use of Google Docs. For a couple of years now I … Continue reading

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Thing 8: Google Calendar

Really?  Why would I want to use this calendar and any of its features?   I have notebooks and paper calendars where I write about upcoming events, things of interest, appointments, … Continue reading

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